Some of you may have followed my social media journey for nearly 5 years now. I will keep this part of the "why" short, but it is important. 
I started the journey into social media just before Rory came along, blogging and taking photos for Instagram, nothing out of the ordinary for a lot of first time social media goers. As my engagement started to grow, so did the need for better content. Working with multiple baby and family brands, I decided I needed to up my content game, what better way than to buy myself a camera?!
This is where the bank account started screaming and I quickly realised that it wasn't that simple! After a trip to John Lewis, I got myself a Canon EOS4000D with a kit lens, quickly followed by a nifty fifty off one of Whit's friends who was moving to Sony (jealous). After a couple of quick phone calls and video calls with some good friends, I understood manual enough to start shooting.
Then came my first opportunity to use the new set up for a brand collaboration on Instagram, a local company with twinning jumpers...simple right? I took the photos, edited nice and friendly, post went out and they were a hit...with almost everyone. 
This is where my drive for photography really started, there was someone on Facebook (not going to name anyone, me knowing is enough) who was friends with the brand owner but also mutual friends with other people we knew. The keyboard warrior quickly took to Facebook with a comment of "everyone thinks they are a photographer nowadays and ruining brand's images".
RUDE! But if you know me well enough you know that one comment is enough to add fuel to the fire, so I continued practising and learning more and more. Now I know trolls shouldn't have an impact on what we do, but this really drove me to get better and better and better...
4 years later and here I am, and where are they you ask? No longer a photographer, I wonder why?! 
That is the journey of 'why photography?' for me, fuelled by someone's unkind words and my obsessive behaviour! But unlike a lot of my "hobbies" at least this one has stuck. Whit is happy though as this has led to many many memories being created and also my own therapy just heading out with my camera. 
Now the question is, why photography for you?
Photo Credit: @pitchmarkmedia
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