Every photographer will be able to relate to the equipment addiction, it is relentless! Constantly looking at what other photographers are using, looking at what deals are available on 0% finance and hours of mind numbing scrolling through MPB, eBay and marketplace. 
My addiction started when Jamie (from my previous chapter) hooked me up with the nifty fifty, the low priced, must have lens for any photographer and especially those who are just starting out. This was during lockdown, that stretch of time when we all had nowhere to go and nothing to do, which gave me even more time to explore and grow my addiction. That 50mm is the only piece of photography equipment that has managed to stay with me through all of the changes, there has been so many changes (another chapter on this coming soon). 
So why write a post on how addictive photography equipment is and how every photographer has it? What I have learnt over the past 12 months especially is that no matter what equipment you want, the equipment in your bag is what is best for you, the most cliche statement you will hear from any photographer. Sure, I have upgraded my camera multiple times, did I need to? I still look back now at some of the photos I took on my Canon EOS4000d with my nifty fifty and think, why can't I do that again? So folks, the cliche is real! 
In the past 7 months, my camera equipment hasn't changed, Canon RP, 17-40mm f4, 50mm f1.8, 70-200mm f4. Is there other lenses I would like? Of course, am I in a rush to buy them? Not at all. I have worked with many photographers and watched many work this year and everyone does things differently, but sticking with what you know and learning at your own pace is the way forward. My equipment does what it needs to and works for me right now, I am going to keep shooting, keep learning and when the time comes I will give in to the addiction. 

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