Inspiration is an interesting thing, some may say that the wonderful person who bad mouthed my early work inspired me to do better, no? Google tells me the definition of inspiration is "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative", which I believe is a huge part of photography. After all, we are all creating something through our own lens, it could be through the latest Canon R whatever it may be, or it could be using your phone. The whole concept of inspiration for my work comes not just from "that looks cool", but the journey they went on to get there, what equipment they used, what settings they used, how they got that opportunity and finally, what drove them to take that particular shot.
This chapter is broken down into 2 sections, starting with my early stages of owning a DSLR and learning how to shoot manual, leading to where I am today, the photographers I admire, learn from and all in all are my current inspiration. 
I got a new DSLR and I don't know what I am doing...
This is a feeling that will overwhelm any new photographer, there are currently so many ways to learn how to use a camera, but the only way I was going to learn was someone telling me exactly what buttons to press, knob to turn and lens cap to remove. It was at this point my first inspiring person, Adam Hickmott, stepped in. 
Adam was a good friend from the South East of England, at the time a fellow Insta dad, delivery driver for the NHS and part time photographer. After a very quick conversation on WhatsApp, Adam was on the phone, as I was stood in the back garden not knowing what to do with what I had in my hands. Adam guided me through the over complicated use of manual shooting, was patient with me, sent me examples of different settings and made me promise to never use auto. To this day I never forget that call and conversation. My baseline knowledge which could have taken me days and days of YouTube watching was completed in that single phone call. 
Adam wasn't the only person to get involved at this point though, as some of you are aware, camera nerds stick together. I mean who want to talk lenses and send each other funky edits at 1:00am, and this is exactly what happened with a now great friend, Jamie Glynn. A fellow golfer but also incredible wedding photographer, the man who hooked me up with my first nifty fifty. Jamie would have to put up with me sending him photo after photo after photo, give me feedback but also just engage in camera nerd conversation. Jamie also gave me my first paid photography job and for that I will be forever thankful! 
Where I am today
I now feel part of a great photography community, who are supportive of each other and have each others' backs. The biggest and most important part of being part of the community I have found is respect for each other. Every single one of us is different...different creative ideas, different styles and very very different ways we work. The photography community is a very unique and special place, and within that there are a couple of particular names that inspire me day to day, give me their time for advice, are always up for a catch up and are also there to be a cheerleader when things aren't quite going as planned.
Firstly, let's talk about Luke, not me but Luke Hodgetts, an impressive talent with the camera but also a very impressive talent on the course. Luke's work is a pleasure to watch, catching his highlights on the Clutch Tour Instagram, watching great content ideas on his own YouTube but also all the shoots that pop up in between. There is regular content posted on other people's social media from Luke and it is always top top quality. Luke's love for photography and golf are contagious and it only takes a quick text or call to make you remember why you have a camera in your hand and he inspires you to get out there and shoot whatever you want to. 
The other part of the trio is Jack Ducey, aka Pitchmark Media. I met Jack for the first time after he drove 3 hours to come and play golf with me in the winter at the Forest of Arden - if that isn't someone you want as a friend then I don't know who is. Jack is there to brighten my day with WhatsApp video calls between jobs and to give incredible advice about my photography work. Jack's work is incredible, every photo and every project tells a story, from him travels up in Scotland to his many on course shoots with many other Jack admirers. Jack's work and advice inspired me to think deeper about my photography, I started with a trigger finger, but following conversations with Jack I stopped trying to fluke my way through and use my knowledge and style to capture the right moment. Following that, to take my time and to go deeper into editing, these photos are my creations and to enjoy seeing them develop.
So where do I get my inspiration from? Awesome photographers, a great photograph and people who are selfless with their time to help everyone develop around them. I am so excited to be able to shoot with Jack and Luke again soon and developing my own style even more. 
A huge thanks for reading chapter 2 and I would love to hear about who inspires you to keep being creative.
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